Justice Avenue Archive

Fabulous at Failing was a slice of life comic series I made in 2015! It featured me and my childhood oc, Liam, through silly comic strips. It didn't last long since I started working on a serialized comic the following year, but I did go on to make a few other strips, being rebranded as Kindle House, introducing Lucas and other ocs, then publicly releasing as Justice Avenue.

02 Justice Avenue (or Justice Avenue (2024)) is the soft reboot of the comic, featuring a more linear slice of life story, as a love letter to my relationship with my original characters as their creator.
You can read it here!

Because it's a soft reboot, I opted to archive the original episodes and strips. Though they no longer fit into the narrative I want to tell, they are still a part of the history and legacy of the overarching story (most still being canon), and may be referenced from time to time. There are also a few unreleased comics in the archive that were drawn. I figure I might as well share them!

They don't need to be read in order to read or understand 02, which is also why they're being omitted from the main archive. Hope you enjoy nonetheless!

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