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idk what to put here yet
so here's liam and lucas <3

HIHI I'm figurin' junk out!!!!!!

🐶 to-do 🐶
🐻 changelog 🐻

🍓 finish home page (header, main image(s?), status, sitemap, guestbook)
🍓 about: image(s) to be mapped
🍓 about: likes and interests
more unlisted!

1/27/2023 - changed homepage icon :)
12/1-2/2022 - visually organized home page and front end coding, added a column! and some stuffs in da column. (tryna figure out what i want to put in it — either a status or a 'featured page'. something that changes! dunno yet.)
11/30/2022 - cleaned up the code, wrote notes, and added some containers for to-do and updates! dan helped me with figuring out some background stuff, and the border! now i can have the background i want!!! added emojis :D
11/29/2022 - started adding onto the bio! the plan is defs to add the base to most pages before adding more.
11/28/2022 - site construction begins! i'm tryin' my best out here :D